4 Days Agricultural Festival

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4 Days Agricultural Festival
4 Days Agricultural Festival

Seferihisar Municipality will promote its agricultural policies brought to life with a festival on 15-18 November, 2018. At the last day of the festival on Sunday 18th, the annual Mandarin Festival will be organized.

Seferihisar’s local projects and activities designed around the idea “Alternative Farming is Possible” were selected as good examples at the Habitat III World Summit, world’s most comprehensive forum for local governments. Aforementioned policies are based on four steps such as: Opening producer markets, founding producer unities and cooperatives, creating value-added products of agricultural products and protecting the local seeds.

Will Start on November 15th

The festival will start on Thursday 15th November with the opening ceremony of the cold storage facility. The following events will be the opening of lavender photographs exhibition and the panel discussion named “Alternative Farming is Possible”. In the afternoon there will be a cooking competition on “The Best Dish and Dessert with Mandarins” and the “Best Designed Souvenir with Mandarins.” The cooking and the souvenir competitions will be supervised by Izmir Association of Professional Cooks and the academics of Izmir Ekonomi University Arts and Design Faculty.

The Olive Oil of 1800-Year-Old Tree Will be Sold in Auction

On Friday, 16th November, the olive oil auction will take place in Teos ancient city. There will be a short trip in between the olive groves and a demo olive picking. The same day, the participants will afforest a designated land in the memory of 91 victims of forest fires in July in Greece.

Seed Festival

The Seed Festival will be made on Saturday, 17th November at Can Yücel Seed Center. The seed festivals were initiated in Seferihisar in 2010. There will be a presentation on ancient agriculture basins in Doğa Okulu in Orhanlı. The participants can join the bread-making workshop of ancient Topan Karakılçık wheat in Ulamış village. The same day there will be ceremony at the Child Municipality due to the election of the child mayor.

Mandarin Festival

The Satsuma mandarins are known as world’s best quality mandarins and Seferihisar’s greatest source of income. The harvest of the mandarins will be celebrated at the 19th Mandarin Festival on Sunday, November 18th.