Ancient Bread And Armola Cheese Festival

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Ancient Bread And Armola Cheese Festival
Ancient Bread And Armola Cheese Festival

Ancient Bread and Armola Cheese Festival was held by Seferihisar Municipality in Ulamış village for the 3rd time, and hosted almost 50 thousand guests.

Participation was much higher than in previous years. ‘Ancient bread’ has been made in brick oven with ancient techniques.

During the event, Seferihisar Children Municipality stand, NGO’s stands and local producer markets were introduced. At the festival, the breads were made with Karakılçık/Triticum wheat which was found in Gödence village, and were served with a local cheese which names “Armola”.

Mayor of Beydağ Feridun Yılmazlar, President of İzmir KÖY-KOOP Neptün Soyer and the Deputy Mayor of Selçuk Şerafettin Budak attended the event.

Mayor İsmail Yetişkin said: “With this awareness, we have been protecting and reproducing our local seeds in our Can Yucel Seed Centre. Also, Karakılçık wheat emerged from this area. As Seferihisar Municipality, we produce Triticum wheat in 500 decare land. With the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, for the first time Karakılçık wheat was planted 500 decare in Menemen lowland too. We have been working hard to raise number of Ancient Bread and Armola Cheese production. In this way, we combined our bread and cheese. We will ensure the continuation of these successes together. ”

The festival continued with Seferihisar Municipality Theater Group (SEFTİT), Ulamış Theater Group and Seferihisar Municipality Folk Dance Group performances.
Throughout the festival, ‘Şıngırdak’, “Swinging Under The Cypress” and local village theatre plays were performed. The event ended up with Seferihisar Municipality Band concert.