102.000 Sheets of Paper Saved

Seferihisar Municipality saved 102.000 sheets of paper in 18 months thanks to the new implemented electronic document management system (EBYS).

The e-signature management system enabled 28.636 incoming, 15.448 outgoing and 58.368 internal documents to be saved electronically, so that 102.000 sheets of paper and 93 printer cartridges were saved.

The EBYS system used since January 2015 saves time and work-load, also avoids high costs of stationary. Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer added that the system enables the electronic documents to be archived correctly, which in total corresponds to the criteria of Cittaslow on saving the environment. Soyer said: “We plan to transfer all processes to the digital system to maximize the saving.”

What is EBYS?

EBYS is an electronic document management system based on electronic signature to forward the approved documents between the related parties. The system also allows the documents to be archived.