29th Aegean Rally Started

The Obel Cıvata 29th Aegean Rally started in Seferihisar as the opening race of Turkey Rally Championship covering three championships this year: Turkey Rally Championship, Turkey Historic Rally Championship and Zafer Vatansever Rally Cup. Many public institutions like Izmir Governorship, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Seferihisar District Governorship, Menderes Municipality and Menderes District Governorship supported the organization along with co-sponsoring private companies like Obel Cıvata, DAP Yapı, Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa, Spor Toto, Redbull and Akdoruk Su.

Seferihisar market place will be used as the pit stop at the weekend to enable the citizens to observe the racing cars.  The legs of the rally will be run in Beyler and Gödence villages. Seferihisar Mayor İsmail Yetişkin declared that the municipality’s support to Turkey Federation of Automobile Sports and Aegean Club of Automobile Sports will continue in the coming years.