A Song for Ulamış Village

The artist Hakan Gürkan from State Opera and Ballet composed a song for Ulamış village of Seferihisar. Seferihisar Municipality initiated the shooting of the video clip, where Ulamış locals and artists played together.

The artist siblings Hakan and Handan Gürkan provide violin and cello lessons in Ulamış village and take part in joint projects with Seferihisar Municipality. They are so fond of Ulamış that they decided to write a song for it. The song “Ulamış in my Heart” was written and composed by Hakan Gürkan.

The song was introduced to public on Wednesday 6th June at the feasting dinner catered by Seferihisar Municipality. The song was played by Handan Gürkan on violin, Fazıl Hakan Gürkan on cello, Cumhur Bakışkan on piano and sung by soloist Murat Duyan. Seferihisar Children Municipality Ulamış Workshop students also accompanied the song

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer appraised the song and clip and presented plaquettes to the performers.