A Village Library with 5.000 Books

A building renovated in Ulamış village by Seferihisar Municipality turned into a library. Upon the donation of 5000 books from contributors and publishing houses and renovation of the facility, the library has been opened on Saturday, April 7th.

Ulamış village headman Kadir Girginer, Berkan Parlak and writer Recai Şeyhoğlu collaborated with the municipality for the foundation of the library. Kırmızı Kedi publishing house donated 24 cardboards of books, Aysun Teneler donated more than two thousand books. The external walls of the building were painted by Teos Watercolor Group Head Canip Taşkıran and the painters.

Before the opening ceremony, writers Öcal Uluç, Hidayet Karakuş and Gönül Çatalcalı made an interview at the Ulamış village market. Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer made a speech during the opening: “As Seferihisar Municipality we invested a considerable amount of money and labour in the Children’s Municipality, where approximately 1000 children were provided courses by 37 lecturers in 37 various subjects like cello and chess. We accomplish this task, because we have hopes for these children. Even the slightest contribution to their well-being and education, would be a success. I think it would be an asset for the future if we could let the children get to know about art, literature, books and culture. We will protect the children as we protect the local seeds. “

Ulamış Village Library will be open during office hours, six days a week except Sunday