If I Were The Mayor

Seferihisar Municipality is administering a new exercise on implementing “Active citizenship, democracy everyday” objective, one of the five goals of the Municipality.

You can forward any request or recommendation regarding Seferihisar with the Twitter hashtag #BenBelediyeBaşkanıOlsam or filling in the form on this web page, so that you can contribute in the management and re-creation of Seferihisar.

All your ideas and recommendations will be delivered to the Mayor Tunç Soyer. The Mayor, together with his team will evaluate these ideas. The new process will support establishing a active and fair contribution of citizens to the management.

We sincerely encourage all Seferihisar-loving people and people with ideas on Seferihisar’s today and future to relate to the management either by mail or social media as referred on this page.