Cittaslow Turkey Cities Assembled in Egirdir

The 12th Cittaslow Turkey Coordination Meeting was made in Egirdir, Isparta on October 27-28th. The mayors or representatives of Cittaslow cities in Turkey gathered at the meeting to narrate the municipal activities in 2017 and talk about 2018 plans.

The meeting was hold in attendance with Cittaslow Turkey Coordinator and Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer,  Cittaslow Science Committee and mayors or representatives of the following slow cities: Gokceada, Halfeti,Tarakli, Persembe, Vize, Yalvac, Egirdir, Goynuk, Savsat, Yenipazar and Mehmetcik from North Cyprus.

Cittaslow Vice President, Cittaslow Turkey Coordinator and Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer emphasized the importance of joint projects among slow cities in Turkey in increasing the significance of the cities. Mayor Soyer said: “As Cittaslow cities, we can pioneer good examples in Turkey. We owe to ourselves to improve. I hope that this meeting would be a turning point for the slow cities network in Turkey. We can act together, summon sources and power to develop projects. I think that the academia at the Science Committee would provide great support for our network.”

Prof.Dr.Ilker Unsever at the Cittaslow Turkey Science Committee stated the fact that mass tourism could cause more losses than benefits and careful planning was a must to preserve the Cittaslow criterion of the towns.

Prof. Dr.Tayfun Ozkaya at the Cittaslow Turkey Science Committee refered to the Slow Food policy. Mr. Ozkaya said it is essential to try different marketing methods in order to sell organic local products. He added: “Cittaslow cities adopt good-clean-fair motto for agricultural production. Local farmers and producers find opportunities to sell their products at the local markets directly to the consumers. This is a great advantage for local production. ”

During the meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of UN were introduced to the members. These 17 goals were accepted by 193 countries including Turkey in 2015 in order to develop projects until 2030 to save our Planet. Cittaslow Turkey member cities also committed to improve and create services to reach these targets stated at the SDG.

In 2018, a total of 17 cities from Turkey and North Cyprus will realize projects for 17 goals, the related report will be presented to the UN. Additionally, the member cities agreed on advancing projects like joint internet sales, Cittaslow festival, Food Days, joint brochure and eco-gastronomy congress.

The next general assembly meeting will be made on the last week of June 2018 in Goynuk.