Dried Tangerines Bring Five Times More

The tangerines priced for 15 cents for wholesale and 30 cents at the town market were geothermal-dried by Seferihisar Municipality for to export five times more the price. Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer said the samples of geothermal-dried tangerines with flesh and shell were sent to ten countries, which resulted in positive feedback and import requests. The first lot of dried tangerines were already exported to Romania and Poland, USA and Kazakhstan requested the product.

Seferihisar is the homeland of satsuma, the highest quality type of tangerines. In the recent years, Seferihisar Municipality initiated projects to enhance this fruits’ varieties and farmers’ income. Tangerines were dried in geothermal heaters for test. Upon the successful results, the production capacity increased to 350 tons per day. The first lot of dried tangerines packaged in 100 gr bags were sold for 1,6 Euros to Romania and Poland.