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Tax Payments in May
31 Mayıs 2017

Payment and Bank Info

1) On the Internet

– All tax payers registered at the municipal system can see their assessed taxes on the municipal web site. You can pay your taxes online by credit card by entering your TCKN (11 digit citizen number).

– At all Halk Bankasi branches by declaring your TCKN.

– At all Denizbank branches by declaring your TCKN or on Denizbank web sites online by entering your TCKN, where you can also order for automatic payments.

2) At the municipality

– At the cashier desks inside the municipality.

3) Postal Check

– Real estate tax postal check account: 233489 (Please add your Kentli Card number as explanation)

3) Bank Transfer

– Halk Bankasi Seferihisar Branch IBAN nr: TR56 0001 2009 7300 0007 0000 13