Farmers’ Market in Izmir’s Famous Agora

Agora shopping mall, which has been popular due to innovative and unique projects since the opening in 2003, organized the “Natural Tastes Festival from Antique Teos to Agora” between 27-29 April with the collaboration of Seferihisar Municipality.

From the Fields to Urban Living Rooms

The festival will be organized on 27-28-29 April at the entrance A and B of the Agora shopping mall will present a sample of Sigacik citadel market, one of the most popular and vibrant markets of the Aegean region.

The Sigacik producers’ market attracts thousands of people every year. The most favourite delicacies of this market like pancakes, patties, pickles, jams, wraps and natural greens will be introduced to the visitors with stylish presentations. Meals cooked with Aegean greens, some popular, some only known to locals will be on the shelves at the entrance A and B of the Agora Shopping Mall.

The Flora of Antique Teos will Revive in Agora

Seferihisar is located in city of Izmir in the Aegean region of Turkey. The oldest settlement in Seferihisar is Teos, which is found around 2000 B.C. by Cretans fleeing from Aka invaders. Teos was also inhabited by Carians. Seferihisar district of Izmir is the first Cittaslow city of Turkey. One of the main criteria of Cittaslow is to preserve the local heritage and cuisine.

Specialists Organize Workshops and Seminars

April 27 Thursday at 16:00: Neptun Soyer, the President of SS Hidirlik Agricultural Development Cooperative and the first woman president of a rural cooperative in Izmir will make a speech on “The Act of Cooperatives and Women for Agricultural Development”.

April 28 Friday at 14:00: Agricultural Engineer Füsun Tezcan will provide information on the management of diseases and weed, organic fertilizers, producing compost fertilizers and covering from her book “Natural Solutions and Homemade Remedies Against Vermins”.

April 29 Saturday: Felt Maker Ayfer Gulec will organize a felt workshop in Agora shopping mall.

The children will be introduced to Agriculture

There will be activities for introducing agriculture to the children. Entertaining and instructional activities starting from 14:00 will include workshops on lavender, wheat windmill and seed balls.

Seferihisar Band will Perform a Show

Seferihisar Band was founded in 1926 upon the instruction of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to teach the local music and dances to new generations, who liked the local dance (zeybek) performance of Abdurrahim Koyuoglu of Seferihisar.

Free shuttle buses will be available to the festival area. Detailed information can be found on the social media accounts and at the reception of Agora shopping mall.