Fish Farm Crisis Re-Occurred

In the past years, the people of Seferihisar, activists, NGO’s, together with artists and journalists and Seferihisar Municipality, after long struggle managed to re-locate the tuna fish farm planned to be constructed in Sigacik Bay.

Seferihisar people winning a remarkable victory that time, were shocked with today’s news. The Governorship of Izmir not only accepted the relocation of a fish farm from Urla to Sigacik to the same place with the previous fish farm project, but also with an expansion of area of nine folds! The planned location in Sigacik is swiped by crosscurrents, therefore was and will be unsuitable for fish farming.

The new fish farm transferred from Gerence Bay in Urla will have a capacity of 8.850 tons. The production company will expand its breeding area to 88.200 sqm from 9.600 sqm.


Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer made a statement on the approval of an 9x expanded fish farm saying that the decision is beyond comprehension. He added: “Upon the reports of experts and by the court decision, we managed to re-locate the fish farm in the past. We will continue to speak the truth that the selected location is not suitable for fish farming.  I can’t understand the reason, why the last untouched bay in Sigacik intended to be violated.  The court experts will make an examination on Friday 20th at the mentioned area. We will start defending our cause from the very beginning. We will struggle for the abolishing of the decision, make your voice heard via protests and legal actions. We would to invite the people to Sigacik for to protest the fish farms  on Friday 20th January at 10:30.