Folk Dances Festival Started

Seferihisar Municipality 6th Children Folk Dances Festival started with the participation of 105 children from 5 countries.

The children from Seferihisar host 105 children from Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Polonia and North Cyprus Turkish Republic in the scope of 23th April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. The children will stay with Seferihisar families for a week of between 18-25 April and perform folk dance shows for the Children’s Day celebrations.

The Folk Dances Festival started with the cortege on Thursday 19th April. The children in their traditional costumes joined the cortege starting from Seferihisar covered market place to Children’s Municipality accompanied by Seferihisar Municipal Band. Seferihisar municipal folk dances team and the guest teams performed their first dance show at the Children Municipality stage. There was a great interest by the audience.

The Folk Dances Festival will continue on Friday 20th April at 16:30 in Ürkmez. The guest teams will visit Ephesus, Virgin Mary’s House and Tire district on Saturday and perform in Tire as Tire municipality the host. There will also be performances on Sunday at 19:30 in Orhanlı and on Monday at 18:30 Teos Marina.