Food Days in Seferihisar

The Cittaslow Food Days hosted by Seferihisar Municipality started on October 23th in Memory House (Ani Evi) of the Municipality.

The Food Days will last for 5 weeks until November 24th. The guests will be able to experience different cuisines each week from Monday to Friday. Seferihisar cuisine will be the first to be presented to the guests. At the first day, stuffed baby goat, tarhana with mastic, trileche with mandarins and sour grape juice were on the menu. This menu can be tasted in Ani Evi until Friday, next week Goynuk cuisine will be on the shelves. Tarakli, Halfeti and Egirdir’s local dishes will be prepared respectively in the coming weeks.

By means of Seferihisar Food Days, Seferihisar meets a Cittaslow criteria and supports the Slowfood movement’s Eat Local campaign, which we announced we would join before. Seferihisar Municipality proceeds to fulfill it’s obligations.

Seferihisar Cuisine Weekly Menu

Monday : Stuffed baby goat, tarhana with mastic, treleche with mandarines, sour grape juice

Tuesday: Scorpion fish soup, sinkonta, samsades

Wednesday: Heybeli soup, yuvalaca, mandarine chesecake

Thursday: Tarhana soup,keskek, kalburabasti

Friday: Tarhana with mastic, stuffed baby goat, asure



30October-3 November Goynuk Cuisine

6-10 November Tarakli Cuisine

13-17 November Halfeti Cuisine

20-24 November Egirdir Cuisine