Sığacık-Samos Ferry Cruises

The ferry cruises from Seferihisar to Samos will start in June with complimentary tickets for 3 days and only for 29 Euros afterwards.

Seferihisar Municipality Tursem Turizm, Teos Marina and the businessmen of Samos gathered their forces to start the ferry cruises between Sığacık and Karlovassi harbours on Monday June 1st.

The passenger tickets will be for free for three days as accommodation packages will also be available, 1 night for 55, 2 nights for 75, 3 nights for 85, 4 nights for 95 Euros. After the first three days, the round trips will cost 29 Euros including taxes.

The Sığacık-Karlovassi ferries will cruise every day during Ramadan vacation on 5-6-7 June, six days a week after 7th of June.


Izmir Consulate General of Greece announced the news about Turkey’s selection of Country of Honour for 2016 and the discounted sales of to 20% for Turkish citizens. The announcement made on the website as follows: “The Republic of Greece, due to the initiation of Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs instituted a new practice as “Countries of Honour”, which four countries selected for 2016. The citizens of these selected countries will benefit from 20% discount from contracted shops numbered in thousands.”


Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer commented on the new opportunity: “The shortest route between Izmir and Greek islands is the Sığacık Teos Marina and Samos Karlovassi route. This will be the shortest trip from Greek islands to Izmir the metropolitan city with the population of 4 million. The cruise ship is a new and modern ferry, which will reach it’s destination in 1 hour 40 minutes. We will arrange Izmir trip and bus shuttles both island and Sığacık passengers. We expect to enrich the tourism options for those planning to take vacation.”

Tour Schedule:

Monday: Seferihisar / Karlovassi : 08.30

Wednesday: Karlovassi / Seferihisar : 08.00 Seferihisar / Karlovassi : 17.30

Thursday: Karlovassi / Seferihisar : 18.00

Friday: Seferihisar / Karlovassi : 08.30 Karlovassi / Seferihisar : 18.00

Saturday: Seferihisar / Karlovassi : 08.30 Karlovassi / Seferihisar : 18.00

Sunday: Seferihisar / Karlovassi : 08.30 Karlovassi / Seferihisar : 18.00

For more information on the tours, please visit the web site.