Junior Basketball Team on the Way to Championship

Seferihisar Spor Junior Girls Basketball Team finalized the group games at the first place and became on of the top 5 in Izmir. Their ultimate goal is to win the Izmir Championship.
12-13 age girls junior basketball team became eligible to join the finals after winning against Spoyad Spor, Foça Spor ve Besemi Spor in Group E in Halkapınar Sports Center.

Seferihisar Spor will compete for the Izmir cup in the group of Urla Yıldızlar Sports Club, Besem Sports Club, Altay Sosyal Dayanışma Sports Club, Bergama Sports Club. The first match will be played between Urla Yıldızlar and Seferihisar on Tuesday 28th June, in Halkapınar .