Massive Forest Fire

The forest fire in Orhanlı village moved quickly to forest area due to heavy wind. The extended wildfires were responded by Izmir Directorate of Forestry, Izmir Metropolitan and Seferihisar Municipality Fire Departments.

According to unconfirmed rumors the fire caused around 15:00 by a barbeque in Orhanli village moved to the bushlands and rapidly to the forest nearby due to heavy wind.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer and District Governor Resul Celik went immediately to the incident area. Mayor Tunc Soyer said that the aerial fire distinguishing efforts hampered as the sun set, but the fire departments fought all night to keep the fire. The calmed wind helped a bit. We do our best to stop the fire as soon as possible.

An estimated 20.000 acres of forest area was lost to wildfire as of today, which still continued to burn.