Mayor Soyer Objects the Drilling Permit in Kanlıada

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer criticized Izmir Governorship’s ruling for the permission for drilling new geothermal wells in Seferihisar’s Doğanbey island. Tunç Soyer stated that Doğanbey island is one of the three reproduction areas of Scopoli’s shearwater bird in the Mediterranean and a historically protected area.

Doğanbey Island also known as “Bloody Island”. The private company indicated three spots in the 138,14 hectares area for the geothermal drills and will wipe off the natural grass layer for the construction. Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer stated his concerns about the construction, which will destroy the nature. Soyer added that they will sue against the Governorship’s decision on the unnecessity of the environmental compliance report for the drilling project.


Seferihisar Mayor Soyer indicated that there are already 8 geothermal wells in Doğanbey, which have been abandoned for 40 years. Soyer: “These 8 wells have never been used. If there is a need for geothermal water, the abandoned wells can be tested for the start. There is no need to drill new wells. This situation is really nonsense. We will do whatever we can for the annulment of this project and sue against Izmir Governorship’s decision.”