Food Donation for the Furry Friends

Seferihisar Municipality and Dev Ajans organized a campaign for raising pet food for  Seferihisar’s İsmet Sungurbey Animal Shelter. The one ton pet food donated by the volunteers was delivered to the animal shelter with the presence of animal rights’ defender Ömür Gedik. Ms. Gedik, who is also a writer and musician, has been to many animal shelters all around Turkey. She mentioned that the animal shelter was the most steady facility she ever saw and the concerned approach of the shelter staff to the animas was a hit.

The hosts of the event were SEHAYDER (Seferihisar Nature and Animal Lovers Association) President Fevziye Özkan along Mayor Soyer.

Mutlu Yuva (Merry Shelter)

Seferihisar İsmet Sungurbey Animal Shelter was built on 10 acres land with separate divisions for aggressive dogs, puppies and sick animals includes an operational and recovery room. It is one of the biggest animal shelters in Turkey. The construction budget was around 500.000 USD’s (1,5 millions TL), which was initiated by Seferihisar Municipality and continued due to the generous donations of people gathered around a campaign presented by megastar Tarkan.

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