Producer Women and Seed Swap Workshop

Lapta Municipality (Cyprus) and Seferihisar Municipality, Seferihisar Hidirlik Agricultural Development Cooperative and The Management Centre in collaboration organized “The Producer Women and Seed Swap Workshop” in Lapta.

Lapta Municipality just made an application for Cittaslow membership and Seferihisar as the Cittaslow capital of Turkey visited Lapta for evaluation purposes.

Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy invited Seferihisar Hidirlik Agricultural Development Cooperative Head Neptun Soyer, Ayfer Yavi from Slowfood Turkey, Seferihisar Agricultural Services Responsible Şevket Meriç, The Management Centre Management Director İzge Arısal, cooperative members and officials from Turkey to join the workshop.

Local Cuisine Tasted in Çamlıbel ve Kozankoy

The Seferihisar committee visited Camlibel and Kocankoy villages to contact local farmers and producer women, also taste the local cuisine.

During the workshop Ass. Prof. Özden Fuller stated that the handicrafts of Lapta is a cultural heritage. She also mentioned the permaculture and sea tourism options in Lapta.

The Management Centre consultant Ayfer Yavi emphasized the importance of Lapta’s location and history. Lapta’s history dates back to 1200 B.C., although located close to Girne, is still a quiet town suitable for eco-tourism.

If the Cittaslow application would prove to be accepted, Lapta would be the fourth slow city in Cypus after Yenibogazici, Mehmetcik and Lefke.