Reforestation for the Fire Victims in Greece

Seferihisar Municipality arranged the reforestation of an area in the district to commemorate the victims of last summer’s forest fires in Greece.  The fires started on July 23th, 2018 in the Mati Attiki area of Greece and caused the lives of 100 people. In the memory of the lives lost, Seferihisar Municipality planted hundred olive trees.

The Consul General of Greece, Mr. Argyro Paoulia,  Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer and many Seferihisar residents attended the activity.

The Consul General: “This is the message of camaraderie and peace between two neighboring populations”

The Consul General of Greece, Mr. Argyro Paoulia commented on the activity: “We are here, today in the beautiful Seferihisar surrounding the picturesque Sığacık harbour and Teos archeological site as a cultural treasure, to plant trees to commemorate hundred people, who lost their lives due to the fire on July 23th, 2018 in Mati Attiki. This is an important, sensible and symbolic step. A seedling for each person lost their lives, God’s most important blessing to human. For the Greek people, this fire has been a national disaster. I sincerely appreciate Mr. Soyer’s kindness. With the step made, they reveal us their feelings towards the victims and their motive to preserve the heritage of the lives lost in Greece.  Just three days after the fire, hundreds of Turkish people gathered in front of the Greek Embassy in Izmir to announce their support to the Greek people. We applauded them, they applauded us back. On August 17th, 1991 the Greek newspaper Elefterotipia had the people carrying placards reading “Endure Neighbor” on its headline to support the Turkish people suffering from the devastating earthquake. Nineteen years ago, dozens of Greek firefighters trained for wreckage rescue arrived Turkey to support their counterparts for one and only reason: To save lives. Thousands of Greeks donated clothes and food to deliver to the earthquake victims’ families. I am happy and affected by the support of Turkish people from Izmir, Seferihisar, Ayvalık, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Antalya during our hard times. They didn’t forget our sentiments towards the difficulties they experienced. As like today, their support will always reach our hearts.  This initiation is overall a message for camaraderie and a call for a peaceful existence between two neighboring populations, which have more common ground than the divergencies.  I would like say thank you on behalf of the Greek people.”