Seferihisar Band in Edirne for the Festival

Seferihisar Municipality Band joined the 8th International Edirne Band and Liver Festival organized by Edirne Municipality. Seferihisar Band played the famous Izmir March and performed a folk dance as the only district municipal band at the festival, which was popular among the international bands. Moldova Zaim Band, Romania Piteşti and Rodna Bands, Bulgaria Dobriç, Razgad and Sofia Bands, Ukraina Smuy Band, Polond Rybnik Band, Hungary Hajduszoboszlq Band, Edirne Municipality Band, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Bands.

8th International Edirne Band and Liver Festival has been also a special attraction for the foodies. Edirne, famous for its liver dishes, prepared a liver dish with the circumference of 7,04 meters, height of 80 cm and weight of 2 tons, which was qualified for the Guinness Book of World Records.