Seferihisar’s Water is Protected

A new era of irrigation has started in Seferihisar. Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer declared that  five kilometers of irrigation lines were renovated on 6,5 millions of budget and smart counters installed to gardens to prevent illegal use of water. Saving water is one of the fundamental requirements of fighting against climate change and aligning with rules of a nature-friendly life.

Seferihisar Irrigation Project has been started after the signage of the agreement between Seferihisar Municipality and National Hydraulic Works (NHW) İzmir Region Directorate. The total cost of the project is 6,5 million TL’s with a payback of interest-free credit to NHW in 25 years.

Seferhisar Mayor Tunç Soyer stressed the importance of the precautions to be taken against climate change. He stated: “The world is on the verge climate change emerging with droughts and global warming. Seferihisar was also subject to serious droughts in the past, so that the sea run underground into fields for kilometers salting the wells. We have made researches for four years to establish a comprehensive project to prevent the reoccurrence of such incidents. There were wear and leakage on the five kilometer irrigation lines connecting the Seferihisar Dam and the city center, which caused losses and muddy water blocking the drip irrigation systems. In order to prevent leakage and assure a fair distribution of water, a total renewal of the irrigation system to HDPE 100 pipes, filtration to main tunnels of the dam and installation of counters to gardens were necessary. The farmers can get water at all seasons. The counters will ensure that every user will pay for the amount he consumed. The continuous irrigation will increase bio-diversity and yield. “