The Fast Painters of the Slow City

A house for caricature studies has been opened within Seferihisar City Archive and Memory House. Minors in Seferihisar will study on caricature by taking lessons from known cartoonist Kamil Masaracı.

The illustrator Kamil Masaracı who is also working for Cumhuriyet Newspaper is the originator of the House of Caricature that was founded first on 2008 in Karaburun and opened in Milas, İskenderun, Küçükkuyu, Ayvalık, Eskişehir, Avanos, Defne and Seferihisar to meet minor illustration enthusiasts.

Seferihisar House of Caricature’s opening ceremony was conducted by the Mayor of Seferihisar Tunç Soyer, illustrator Kamil Masaracı and Saadet Demir Yalçın.

The question of ‘What is the caricature?’ was asked to the minors of 8-10 years old at the ceremony. They answered ‘It’s something like a speech bubble.’ and ‘Funny picture’. Mr. Masaracı and Ms. Yalçın have defined the caricature as “It is humour by drawings”. They also explained things about caricature and lectured practice courses. Some of the minors have drawn caricatures with snowman subject.

Mr. Masaracı indicated his ideas about new cartoonists, who he believes are the cartoonists of the future. He stated for them: “These drawing enthusiasts are living in a quiet city and they will draw even-tempered and unhurried caricatures”. Mr. Masaracı gave a caricature signed by him as a gift to Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer who has played important role on the constitution of the House of Caricature. Mr. Tunç Soyer indicated such: “We don’t have any other choice than getting the children educated for a better and brighter future. Children will learn how to be open-minded and judgmental.”