Sudanese Interest in Dried Mandarins

The Sudanese posse visited the geothermal drying facility in Seferihisar after tasting Seferihisar’s dried mandarins at the 13th International Agriculture and Husbandry Fair in Izmir.

The Sudanese posse visited the Izmir Köy Koop booth at the fair. They liked the dried mandarins, given information on the geothermal drying process by Izmir Köy Koop President Neptün Soyer. Upon visiting the drying facility in Doğanbey, they came up with the idea of geothemal dired mangos. Both sides agreed upon exporting mango to Seferihisar to be dried. Seferihisar Municipality would support the Sudanese officials in foundation of a solar drying facility in Sudan.