The 2nd Children Workshop Hosted by North Cyprus

The 2nd Cittaslow Children Workshop was organized in October 5-7, 2018 in Geçitkale district of North Cyprus Turkish Republic. The slow cities of Turkey, Seferihisar, Mudurnu, Uzundere, Vize, Şavşat and from North Cyprus Turkish Republic, Geçitkale, Mehmetçik, Lefke ve Yeniboğaziçi participated in the workshop, which was a collaboration of Seferihisar Municipality and Cittaslow Turkey Secretariat.

The 2nd Children Workshop was shaped around the idea that we need to focus on the present living conditions of the children besides creating a better future for them. Cittaslow Turkey Coordinator Bülent Köstem, Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Koman and Cankız Çeviki, Ankara Social Services Foundation Chairman Ferhan Özge Demir made presentations about the children and youth policies in Cittaslow cities, the perception of childhood, living together, caring for the children with the children.

The children and the municipal teams made draft plans about their dream city and presented it to the public with the reasons why and how they defined the main characteristics of a city.  The children’s plans included skating boards, forests, pools and roads with limited traffic allowing the children to play. The children attending the workshop became pen friends.

The most highlighted subjects of the workshop were environmental protection, forestation, sustainable energy resources and caring for the stray animals.