The aim: To Eradicate Unemployment

Seferihisar Municipality started a program for establishing meeting sessions between the applicants and the employers. The new program provided employment opportunities for 103 young people and 206 people managed to open business thanks to no-interest credits.

The applicants are required to leave their CV’s to the Municipality, whereas The Municipality arranges meetings between the companies seeking for work force and the job applicants.

In 2016, 43 of 159 applicants to the CV Bank were employed. Included in the last year’s employment, a total of 103 people found their dream job due to the program. The employment rate is expected to rise in the following months.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer commented upon the success of the program: “Seferihisar is steadily developing in the recent years, more and more companies started to begin in our district. The days when the Municipality was the only employment facility are over. We aim to reduce the unemployment rate in Seferihisar to zero. We do our best to increase job seekers’ options with establishing direct contact with them and the companies and collaborate with KOSGEB to organize courses. This year 206 people are certified to be eligible to open business. I think more and more people will be joining the work force in the coming days. “

For more information about the employment program, please contact the PR Department or call the Municipality on 444 7 743.