The Children of Seferihisar Learn with Play

Seferihisar’s Children attend the summer courses of Mind Games Atelier, which would help them have fun and improve their mental development.

Seferihisar Municipality and Turkish Brain Team have started the atelier workshops in Seferihisar Children’s Municipality for 90 students in 9 classes.

The program framed for children between 5-12 ages includes mathematical, mechanical, word, logic, strategical and mixed games. The Turkish Brain Team organizes their first educational program outside Istanbul in collaboration with Seferihisar Municipality.

The sessions are being held by Turkish Brain Team’s Izmir teacher Pınar Ertok and Seferihisar Children’s Municipality teacher Çiğdem Kara will continue until the end of the summer.

The researches on mind games indicate a 13 % rise on IQ , a 32% rise on logical problem solving skills and 27% rise on their quick problem solving skills. The atelier will support children in acknowledging and improving their own potential, developing new strategies for solving problems, making quick and right decisions, having an analytical judgement and increasing working abilites in competition both as single and as a team player.