The Children Organized Urban Zoning Workshop

Seferihisar Children Municipality organized an urban zoning workshop for the children in terms of establishing one of the children’s primary rights, the participation to the governance. Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer also joined the workshop.

The zoning workshop took place in the Children Municipality Campus with extraordinary results at stake.

Seferihisar Child Municipal Council, child village headmen and Seferihisar municipality zoning department, together with municipal zoning engineers and urban planners participated in the workshop. The first day of the workshop was reserved for the theorical training, while the second day included field visits to Ulamış village. The children made draft zoning plans of a zone in Ulamış including green areas, pedestrian and bicycle paths, festival area, sustainable energy zone and car parks. The children have also foreseen that the district they planned would attract new population, therefore added housing areas as well. The new town center will require maximum two-story buildings and emergency roads to prevent heavy traffic load.

A natural wildlife reserve and agricultural areas were among the children’s requests.

The draft zoning plan made by the children will be worked into final plans by project designers and presented to the Municipal Council. Upon the approval by the Municipal Council, the plans of the new area will be implemented in 2019.