The Magic of Movies in Seferihisar

Seferihisar Municipality opens two workshops for movie enthusiasts, who are seeking for the secrets of the magical scenarios of the white screen.

The workshops will host events on detailed examination of scenarios as pillars of movies will be supported by the renowned writers and movie artists of Turkey such as:

Writer Yekta Kopan, producer Zeynep Atakan, director, writer and script writer Tayfun Pirselimoğlu, actor Levent Uzumcu, visual director Feza Caldiran, editing director Ali Aga, script writer and photographer Ebru Ceylan and writer, script writer and director Isil Ozgenturk. Scenario Camp will be coordinated by wirter Gulsah Elikbank and academia Kadir Beycioglu.

The short film atelier will be means to provide participants the fundamentals of movie making and experience of sectors’ leading members. The participants will be able to join the movie making practice in the last two days of the program.

The workshops will be followed by script writer or movie critic Burak Goral, producer Sevil Demirci, director and script writer Umit Unal, visual director Eyup Boz and editing director, Cicek Film atelier script writer and director Isil Ozgenturk. The participant number is limited to 25 people.

For more information please contact 444 7 743/ ext. 167