The Municipality is at Your Service at the Village Square

The citizens living in rural areas have easier access to municipal services via information screens installed on village squares.

Seferihisar Municipality thanks to the donations from IZKA (Izmir Development Agency) installed kiosks displaying information on municipal services. IZKA Deputy Secretary General Murat Yılmazçoban and Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer signed a protocol on granting an amount of 728.226,56 TL’s to the municipality, which corresponds to 70% percent of the budget.

The project included installment of kiosks to 8 spots of the town as Seferihisar center, Turgut, Gödence, Doğanbey, Akarca, Sığacık, Ulamış and Ürkmez. The information kiosks are intended for the usage of town locals, as well as local and foreign tourists. Some of the kiosks are placed in far villages, so that the citizens can benefit from the municipal services without having to travel to the town center.

City information kiosks include information on ongoing and finished municipal projects, events and council decisions. The users can contact the mayor and deliver comments, recommendations and request information from the PR department, inspect land fair values, can pay taxes via credit card.  The visitors can get information on Cittaslow network, which Seferihisar is a member of, the historical and touristic places to visit, visit the photo gallery and get directions via online map. Community services, health  associations, pharmacies, governorship and police stations are also listed.


Seferihisar Municipality provided information to five hundred citizens both living in the villages and the town center  on a meeting held last week. “We do our best to implement technical facilities in municipal services in order to create easier ways for the citizens to do some tasks online. City informations kioks will improve locals’ life quality and guide the tourists for a better and easier visit to our own.” said Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer, and added “We encourage and promote the rural population for production and product diversification and perform practices to increase their income. City information kioks would support them to do easy municipal tasks without interrupting their daily working routine. The primary comments were really positive. “

In the recent future a Seferihisar mobile application is planned to provide online services as the information kiosks.