The Psychology Workshop for Children

The Interactive Psychology Workshop for Children and Families organized by Seferihisar Municipality and Turk Psychologists Association, has been made on Sunday 8th October between 11:00-16:00 in Club Resort Atlantis Hotel.

Seferihisar Municipality Psychologist Miss Selver Tutan coordinated the event, where the 6-12 year old children registered to Seferihisar Municipality an d their parents participated in.

Deniz Ozer Yilmaz, Turk Psychologists Association Izmir Branch Chairman of the Board indicated that the workshop encouraged the children and their families to spend more time with each other and to practice the communication methods they learnt in daily life. Yilmaz said: “We will accomplish further projects with Seferihisar Municipality thanks to their constant support in projects like this. “

One of the child participants commented: “I enjoyed to join such an event and I am happy t spend time with you.” Another child said : “I felt as I was in another world, I pictured things I never thought about before.” The parents commented that the workshop was like an enlightenment.

The workshop participants were delivered certificates.