The Teachers of Seferihisar Attending Seminars

The teachers deployed in Seferihisar will be attending seminars between September 5-9th about how to enhance the educational system for a happier, more successful lecturers and students.

Seferihisar District Governorship, The Educational Directorate, Istanbul Kültür University and TÜRGAP made a collaboration to organize seminars on modernizing the education strategy. The program will include the seminars below:

5 September Monday “Professional Lecturing” by Marmara University Academia Lecturer Oktay Aydın
6 September Tuesday “The Reflections of Brain-Learning Connection in Education” by Neurologist Dr. Bülent Madi
7 September Wednesday “Being a Lecturer, The Class Teacher Using New Technology” by Marmara University Academia Lecturer Oktay Aydın
8 September Thursday “The Puberty Issues, The Recreational Duties of Lecturers and Parents” by İstanbul Kültür University Psychology Department Academia Aysun Turoğlu Çelik
9 September Friday “The Roles of Lecturers, Managers and Parents for Learned Happiness” by Yeditepe University Part-time Academia Psychotherapist Refika Yazgaç.