The youngsters from Ürkmez as table tennis champions

The Table Tennis Team of 12-Year-Olds of Seferihisar Municipality became the champion in Izmir.

Seferihisar’s investments in education and sports pay off.  The ping-pong team, after six years training under the couching of Akif Ozteke of Urkmez Youth Center, is proud to their hard-won championship over 40 state and private schools of Izmir.

The players of the winning-team, Umut Coşan, Mehmetcan Yeşilyurt, Atakan Ürkmez and Ebubekir Arslan became eligible to join the Turkey championship.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer called to congratulate Couch Akif Ozteke and stated: “I am proud with the youth. As the Municipality, we will do our best to discover and improve the talents of the children. I think among all the efforts we do make, the ones regarding the children and youth are the most rewarding. I would like to congratulate again the table tennis team and our trainer Akif Özteke. “