Ulamis Village Theatre in Ankara

Ulamis Village Theatre performed on Yılmaz Guney Stage in Ankara. The theatre group consisting of members of all ages performed the play “Stories of Life”, which was praised by the audience. The women in Ulamis village volunteered to join the theatre courses provided by Seferihisar municipality and proved that they can accomplish a lot when provided opportunities.

Vedat Murat Güzel, the instructor of the theatre gave information on the theatre’s foundation: “Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer advised that he would like to provide theatre courses for the women in Ulamis village. The theatre group started to practice and performed a 15 minute play at Sığacık Theatre Festival, where the women and children experienced acting for the first time. As the volunteer players enjoyed acting, the number of women volunteers grew. There are even 70-year-old farmers attending practices. The women started to discover their identities thanks to the theatre. Though not in young age, they realized that they can succeed. “