We Revive the Local Seeds

Seferihisar Municipality, which pioneered the Seed Swap Festivals in 2011 and enabled the expansion of them, organizes a new event for the revival of local seeds. The Municipality  freely gave away a total of one million seeds and seedlings in the last five years and will distribute 100.000 seeds and seedlings during this year’s event. There will also be presentations on the proceedings for the local seed production all over Turkey.

Among Seferihisar Municipality’s pioneering agricultural projects created around the motto “Alternative Farming is Possible”, is the “Seed Rally” initiated for contributing to the protection of biodiversity and local seeds, which are under serious threat by Turkey’s agricultural laws forbidding the production of local seeds. Following Seferihisar’s steps, many municipalities and institutions established seed swap festivals in Turkey. Seferihisar municipality reproduces the seeds in Can Yucel Seed Center founded for this purpose.


The event would take place on Saturday,13th of May in the Urkmez neighborhood. The seed swap festival will also host stands for local cuisine and a market, where the rural production is promoted. There would be a concert of a famous group “Yeni Turku”.

The event will start at 13:00 on 13th May 2017.