Wish Life were as Sweet as Pastry

The first graduates of The Culinary Arts and Pastry Course opened in Ulamis Women’s Kitchen received their certificates from Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer.

The graduation ceremony took place on Tuesday, 19th July by the participation of the Mayor Soyer and Neptun Soyer, the President of Hidirlik Agricultural Development Cooperative, students and citizens.

The Culinary Arts Course planned to increase awareness in women on culinary techniques, improve their existing knowledge and document their skills had 28 students in total, 19 from culinary arts and 9 from pastry course.

The lecturer of the course is culinary teacher Aysun Önlü. The subject of the 19th course term was the forgotten tastes of Ulamis village. The lecturer Önlü commented on the courses: “The women can spend their spare time here and re-gain their self-confidence. Ten people already applied for the next term of courses and registrations are on. ” The ceremony ended after the presentation of the meals prepared by the students.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer congratulated all students personally upon their success.