Women on Stage for Their Rights

The Urkmez theatre company were on stage on March 8, Women’s Day

The Urkmez Women’s Theatre Company consisted of the women living in Urkmez neighborhood, staged their first theatre play in 2017 at Seferihisar Municipality’s Urkmez Youth Center.

Mr. Vedat Murat Guzel was the lecturer of the company, writer and director of the play named “Little Girl”, which was about the challenges the women and girls facing for their entire lives and the social influence on them.

The play received appreciation by the audience and will be staged on Sunday 12th March at 20:00 in Seferihisar Cagan Irmak Hall.

The lecturer Vedat Murat Guzel explained that there are only few examples of women only theatre companies in Turkey. The mission of Seferihisar Municipality was to give women an opportunity to break free from household obligations and socialize.