Zoning Plans Made by the Children

Seferihisar municipality is on the verge of designing zoning plans of some plots in Ulamış village upon the recommendations of the children.

Seferihisar Children Municipality, the child village headmen and Seferihisar municipality zoning department will discuss the issue at a workshop and the draft zoning plan made according to the ideas of the children, will be worked into final plans by project designers to be presented to the Municipal Council. Upon the approval by the Municipal Council, the new plans will be implemented in 2019.

The three-day workshop starting on January 19th will provide the children general and technical information about urban planning as well as psychological trainings by The Psychologists’ Association to the children and the parents.

Seferihisar municipality was the founder of the first Children Municipality in the world, enabling children’s active participation in the city governance. The Seferihisar Children Municipality has inspired other towns in Turkey to found similar institutions. Seferihisar, together with Geçitkale town in Northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus organized workshops on “Being a Child in a Cittaslow” in 2018.