Fairy Tale House Opens

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Fairy Tale House Opens
Fairy Tale House Opens

Seferihisar Municipality will open the child-care facility named Fairy Tale House on Thursday, 16th June with a ceremony with the famous writer Sunay Akın’s attendance.

Seferihisar Municipality renovated a building next to the corporate housing for this special purpose initiated for 4-5 year old disadvantaged children. There are two simultaneous projects running at the Fairy Tale House, Lecturing Children with Fairy Tales responsible is the academia Ebru Çaloğlu, The Creating Equal Opportunities for Disadvantaged Children project is run by Lecturer Seval Doğanlar.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer commented on the Fairy Tale House as follows: “I hope that the projects we initiate today will inspire the children in their future roles and fit them for social life. We are working on a model never experimented worldwide before. Fairy tales are the most favorable class of literature appeal to the children’s sensitivity. We are thankful to Mr. Sunay Akın, the renowned writer, who will also be present at the opening ceremony. We would like to invite the people to the opening on 16th July. “


Upon the MASALEVİ project; we aim to support disabled children in socializing, lecturing, getting to know the outside world, being motivated for success, being sensible for environment, building self-confidence, improving linguistic and learning skills and creative thinking abilities.

MASALEVİ is a social project, where the children will be provided various courses on painting chess, mathematics and gymnastics., music, ceramics and ballet.