First Mandarin Harvest by the Children

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First Mandarin Harvest by the Children
First Mandarin Harvest by the Children

The mandarin harvest season was celebrated at a 3-days festival in Seferihisar and the first mandarins were picked by the children. The children opened the new facility of the Children Municipality. The late Baris Manco’s son, Dogukan Manco performed his father’s show “Adam Olacak Cocuk”, which was admired by the spectators.


The garden of the Children Municipality and the park in front of it was refurbished as an educational and recreational facility for the children. The new facility is named after Baris Manco. The new facilities will expand to 3,5 acres including four cottages for workshops, a covered theatre stage of 100 sqm, 2 backstage rooms, mini football and basketball field for children under 12, a disabled playground, a disabled swing, a ball pool, three rest areas, a greenhouse and offices.

The greenhouse will host agriculture lessons, which will also serve as a preliminary for an agriculture school. The existing park and trees will be preserved and enhanced, new trees will be planted. The facility will be under surveillance for 7/24.


The third day of the festival will start with the “Best Mandarin Grower” and “Mandarin King and Queen” competitions at the closed marketplace. The renowned musician Feridun Duzagac will give a concert. There will be trays on display reserved for NGO’s and producers.