Kemaliye’s Cittaslow Membership Application Reviewed

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Kemaliye’s Cittaslow Membership Application Reviewed
Kemaliye’s Cittaslow Membership Application Reviewed

Cittaslow Turkey Coordinator Tunç Soyer has visited Kemaliye, Erzincan in terms of reviewing the town’s Cittaslow application.

Tunç Soyer commented on the study visit: “We are astonished by the grandeur of Euphrates (Kara) River passing through the town Kemaliye (Eğin).  It reminded us the famous cities along the rivers, but the difference here was the mountain goats roaming freely on the opposite side of the waters. Our guide was Kemaliye Mayor Mustafa Haznedar and his team. Kemaliye is rich in water resources. We learnt about the vibrant history of the town while walking along The Seyit Ali Verses Road.

The town’s name changed to Kemaliye by the Republic’s Founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s recommendation in October 21st, 1922. There are only two towns in Turkey, which have the honour to be named after Ataturk, Kemaliye in Erzincan and Gazipasa in Antalya.

Kemaliye has a unique ecosystem allowing a habitat for 18 types of berries, an unbeatable cuisine, a rich folklore with hundreds of folk verses, more than 200 historical wooden houses, which prove the ancient heritage of the town. Additional to these, we also visited the Dark Canyon (Karanlık Kanyon). This natural canyon is a must-see already discovered by mountain bikers and paragliders.

Kemaliye is a brilliant town preserving its heritage, architecture and agriculture. It’s a blessing that the Mayor and municipal team believe in protecting the town’s identity. The berries and side products, Natural History Museum and Dark Canyon are the unique specifications of the town.

I would like to thank Kemaliye Mayor Haznedar and his diligent team for their success in preservation. I believe that Kemaliye and Cittaslow is a good match.”