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Lavender Festival
Lavender Festival

Seferihisar Municipality celebrated the harvest of the lavender field in Turgut village with a vibrant festival. The Mayor Tunc Soyer stated in this speech that the farmers being pushed to a point to refrain from farming. He added : “We are not consent to it. We are not destined to it, this conditions are only caused by political inclination. We know that options are available and organize festivals like this to prove our allegations.”

The lavender festival was organized on July 2nd Sunday in Turgut, Seferihisar. Seferihisar Municipality firstly planted lavender seeds in 2015 as an alternative product for the local farmers. This year was the second harvest. The painters living in Seferihisar painted mural on Turgut walls. The farmers sold their products in the producers’ market all day. Salyangoz waterpainting atelier made workshops, Suna Kalayci natural lavender soap making, the distilling of lavender oil, grinding of Topan Karakilcik local wheat, Volkan Atilgan Exhibition ‘No the Nuclear’, Irfan Unsalan cartoon exhibition, folk dance shows and lavender harvest.


During his speech at the festival, Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer made a summary of municipal activities: “We insist on defending our policy of alternative farming is possible, because we are not happy with the results of the existing agricultural policies. The import hay and fertilizers. 16.000 villages were endorsed by districts in one night, including this Turgut village. Small scale farmers quit farming and producing. The once farmers start to work in docks, mines or construction as unskilled labour. We are not consent to this! We are not destined to it, this conditions are only caused by political inclination. And just because their political choices, we can’t enjoy the fruits of this fertile land.”


Mayor Soyer explained alternative farming policies. “It is possible for the small scale farmers to make living out of their fields so that they would preserve the land and the culture. Alternative farming, order, living is possible. The conditions we are currently living in are caused by political inclinations, which can be changed. We initiated new farming practices in Turgut, Orhanli and Ulamis villages. Last year we had 3 acres of land, this year the area was increased to 50 acres, next year will be 150 acres. We struggled to produce the ancient wheat variety Topan Karakilcik for five years in 6 acres land. This year 130 acres were planted with this wheat. We will continue to work on this cause. Thank you for supporting us at this festival.”