Cittaslow General Assembly Gathered

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Cittaslow General Assembly Gathered
Cittaslow General Assembly Gathered

Cittaslow representatives from all over the world met in Portugal for the annual General Assembly meeting. Mehmetcik Municipality from North Cyprus became the 3rd Cittaslow of North Cyprus at the meeting.

The General Assembly meeting of the Cittaslow Unity consisting of 213 member cities in 30 countries, took place during 23-26 June 2016 in Vizela of Portugal.

The attendees were Seferihisar Mayor and Cittaslow Vice-President Tunç Soyer, Cittaslow Turkey Technical Coordinator Bülent Köstem, Uzundere District Governor Hacı Aslan Uzan, Uzundere Mayor Halis Özsoy, Artvin/Şavşat Municipality Cittaslow representative Filiz Özcan, KKTC/Yeniboğaziçi Municipality Assembly Member Atalay Talaykurt, Aydın/Yenipazar Municipality Cittaslow representative Sevil Terzioğlu, KKTC/Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli and Cittaslow representative Halil Hepşen.

The General Assembly meeting was started on Friday, 24th June in Portugal’s ISMAI  (INSTITUTO UNIVERSITARIO DA MAIA) with the opening speech of Rector Domingos Oliviera Silva.

The President of Cittaslow Stefano Pisani mentioned about the Brexit and said that despite Britain’s decision to exit EU, the Cittaslow cities will remain together to preserve the future, identity and nature of their cities.

Tunç Soyer, Cittaslow’s Turkey Coordinator and Vice-President also made a speech during the meeting: “The global issues can’t be solved without the contribution of local authorities. As the  local cities’ importance growing all around the world, they need to make sure to follow the pre-determined road-maps, enhance solidarity and continue providing services.

At the second day of the meeting, new members to the Cittaslow Unity were delivered their certificates. Mehmetcik Municipality from North Cyprus delivered it’s certificate among many cities from Poland, Taiwan and France. Upon the new participants, the number of the members increased to 230.


Seferihisar was declared a Cittaslow on November 29, 2009 by the Cittaslow Union based in Italy upon the application made by the Mayor. As of early 2016, there are 11 Cittaslows in various regions of Turkey and three in Northern Cyprus (Seferihisar, Gökçeada, Vize, Taraklı, Yenipazar, Yalvaç, Perşembe, Akyaka-Ula, Halfeti, Şavşat, Uzundere, Lefke, Yeni Boğaziçi and Mehmetçik).