Seferihisar and Urla Against Fish Farms

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Seferihisar and Urla Against Fish Farms
Seferihisar and Urla Against Fish Farms

Following the release of favorable environmental report on the tuna fish farm project planning to be established in the Sığacık Bay between Seferihisar and Urla districts, the officials from the City Directorate of Environmental and Urban Planning and fish farm scheduled a meeting in the bay area to win over the locals. However, the locals protested against the officials and the planned meeting was cancelled. The legal representatives of the locals will sue against the environmental report, which permits the establishment of the fish farm.

The fish farm company in question has already an operational fish farm at Sığacık Bay in the 10th area designated as marine products reproduction area, but aiming to move the farm to the 9th area at the same bay. Despite previous environmental reports forbidding several other fish farms by different companies, the aforementioned company managed to get an environmental permit. The officials from the fish farm and local directorate of the relevant ministry planned to hold a meeting with the locals in Demircili neighborhood of Urla, but greeted by protests instead.


Along with the locals, CHP Izmir Congress Members Kani Beko, Urla Mayor Sibel Uyar, Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer and CHP Izmir Former Congress Member Musa Çam joined the protest. Tunç Soyer reminded that there have been several attempts to establish fish farms in the same area and all projects were annulled by court order. Soyer said that they will tirelessly fight against the fish farms by suing against the environmental report permitting the project.


Lawyer Şehrazat Mercan highlighted that the fight against the fish farms has been continuing for a decade. Mrs. Mercan: “The hotels in the vicinity were intervenors in the previous lawsuits claiming the fish farms would have negative effects on tourism. The experts’ decision supported these claims. The national government shall obey the courts’ order and experts’ decision on this matter. We will issue a complaint against the new company requesting an environmental report.”


CHP Izmir Congress Member Kani Beko and Urla Mayor Sibel Uyar added that the fish farms are active pollutants to the sea and are a hazardous for the local ecology in all over Izmir peninsula, therefore the local governments will keep on fighting against such projects.