Seferihisar Cookies Produced

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Seferihisar Cookies Produced
Seferihisar Cookies Produced

A new cookie recipe including Topan Karakılçık wheat and mandarins was created thanks to the joint efforts of the municipality, cooperatives and a private enterprise. The new cookie was called “Seferihisar cookies”. The cookies got high scores at the tasting and will started to be sold after the research and development process.

Seferihisar municipality, Köy-Koop Cooperative, Hıdırlık Agricultural Development Cooperative and Veli Usta Ice-Cream and Pastry Co. gathered their efforts to produce cookies made of Karakılçık wheat and tangerines.

This Cookie Will be Our Brand

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer described the first ever Seferihisar cookies as very delicious. He said that the production will be made by the teams consisting of the private enterprise and the women members of the agricultural development cooperative. The municipality will assist the project in marketing, patent registry and advertisement.

We Aim to Improve the Conditions of the Producers

Köy Koop Chairman Neptün Soyer said the idea of combining efforts of the institutions were very fruitful. The production of the cookies will enable job opportunities for the female members of the cooperative, increase the market value and the sales of Karakılçık wheat, the milk and the mandarins.

We Will Register for the Patent

Onurcan Yüce, the Deputy Chairman of Veli Usta Ice-Cream and Pastry Co. declared that they would register for the patent of Seferihisar cookies in order to manage effective marketing campaign. The initial sales are planned in Aegean region, then all over Turkey, which would be followed by exports