Sigacik-Samos cruises start in Spring

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Sigacik-Samos cruises start in Spring
Sigacik-Samos cruises start in Spring

The ferry cruises between Seferihisar’s Sigacik Teos Marina and Samos’ Karlovassi port will start on 29th April. The tickets for May 6th will include a complimentary island tour of 20 Euros for those who want to enjoy the spring festival in Samos that day.

Seferihisar Municipality Tursem Turizm, Samos Star, Teos Marina and the businessmen of Samos gathered their forces to start the ferry cruises between Sigacik and Karlovassi harbours, which served to 15.000 people only last year.

According to Tursem Turizm and Samos Star, there is a great demand to Seferihisar-Samos ferry transport this year. 900 people reserved for the trips on 29-30th April. The agency has also a promotional package for the following week: An island tour of 20 Euros will be complimentary for the guests who will return the same day or would stay over for one night on 5th May weekend.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer commented on the new opportunity: “Last year we managed to run a successful tourism season despite of the political and social challenges. Thousands of people visited Samos and Sigacik. The cruises are made by a modern ferry. I cordially would like invite the Turkish people to use this opportunity to visit Samos and meet the hospitable Samos people.

Seferihisar Sigacik-Samos Karlovassi cruises will start on April 29th 2017. The ferries will travel back and forth four days a week, on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The take-off from Sigacik will be at 08:00 and from Karlovassi at 18:00. The journey will take around 1 hour 55 minutes and each ferry has a passenger capacity of 450 people.

Greece doesn’t require visa for green passports, but Turkish citizens with regular passports must have a valid Schengen visa to travel to Samos. The island visa option valid in the last years was cancelled by EU, therefore invalid until the negotiations between Greece and EU will result in an agreement.

For more information: Tusem Tourism/Samos Star:0 232 463 97 63–0 232 372 81 31– 0 232 743 35 30