Slow City Children Have a Word to Say

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Slow City Children Have a Word to Say
Slow City Children Have a Word to Say

The representatives and children of Turkey’s Cittaslow cities gathered together for the “Cittaslow Children Workshop” in Seferihisar between 5-6 May 2018.

The Cittaslow Children Workshop had two main themes, “Children and the City” and  “Being Children in a Slow City” and hosted by Seferihisar Children Municipality. The representatives and children from Turkey’s Slow Cities, Yenipazar, Şavşat, Mudurnu, Eğirdir, Taraklı, Kıbrıs Mehmetçik and Yeniboğaziçi joined the workshop.

During his opening speech Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized the importance of children’s opinion. Soyer said: “We consider children as individuals and adolescents of the future. We will listen to them today, since they have words to say about the cities they live in. The Children Municipality we have a similar structure of a real municipality with a mayor, deputy mayors and assembly members. The Children Municipality has the right to step in to state their opinions on the prospective municipal projects. It is important for us that other Slow Cities would recreate the Children Municipality in their cities. We would like the children to feel connected to the city they live in. This connection will support their self-confidence and building a sense of citizenship. We believe that the time they spend at the municipality observing the municipal tasks will be a guide for them deciding on their occupation in the future. The time and the budget we reserve for the kids have top priority for us. “

Seferihisar Child Mayor Selin Ada also made a speech at the workshop: “We spend a great day. We are proud to meet our peers from the Cittaslow towns and make our voice heard.”

Associate Professor Yasemin Çakırer from Marmara University Political Sciences Faculty Local Governments Section and the psychologists organized workshops on children’s view of the cities.

The event will continue with Teos ancient city and Seferihisar Children Municipality visit on Sunday, 6th May. The Cittaslow city teams will depart in the evening that day.