The Children Municipality Expanded

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The Children Municipality Expanded
The Children Municipality Expanded

Seferihisar Children Municipality acquired one acre recreational land. The new section including the theatre club, science workshop, ceramic-tiles workshop, trampoline and climbing wall has been opened on October 29th, 2018 on the Republic Day.

Seferihisar Children Municipality is the first and only application of its kind in Turkey and globally. The center supports the education of hundreds of children and helps them to be able to discover their talents. The Children Municipality has been noted as a good example at the Child and the City Conference in Vienna to the local governments all around the world.

The new section of the park has been opened on Monday, 29th October with a ceremony and shows of Seferihisar Municipality theatre company, pantomime, children dance ensemble, highschool dance ensemble and rhythm group.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer made a speech at the opening ceremony emphasizing the importance of the 29th October Republic Day. Soyer: “We owe our independence and freedom to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades. I would like to remind here that we will be the greatest defendants of their heritage. With Seferihisar Children Municipality, we try establishing a tailor-made area like an oasis for children. The Children Municipality has been developed in time. More children are attending classes, the number of classes and activities increased over time. As Seferihisar Municipality I think our most valuable deed was supporting these children in their upbringing for the future. “

The Children Will Elect

The children are required to elect a Child Mayor bi-annually. Now, for the first time they will be electing the Child Headman as well. The elections for the child village headman will be at the first week of November. The children will also vote for the Child Mayor.