Turkey record: 295 kg bluefin tuna caught in Sigacik

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Turkey record: 295 kg bluefin tuna caught in Sigacik
Turkey record: 295 kg bluefin tuna caught in Sigacik

“Tuna Master Teos” fishing tournament organized at Teos Marina in Seferihisar, Izmir, finished with Turkey records. The team of Gokhan Carmikli and Erkut Soyak caught a giant bluefin tuna weighing 295 kg’s and broke a record.

The first day of the tournament at Teos Marina was also prone to a Turkey record, as the team of Sinan and Dogus Kuran, Osman Bulutlar, Ömer Karaosman, Bora Özer and Alptuğ Önal on the boat named Shamu, caught a 146,75 kg bluefin tuna. But the second day, this record was tied by a bigger catch. Shamu team became the general category leader. The winning team’s awards including South Africa fishing trip, 7500 TL cash award by the organizer and 5000 TL cash award by Northstar was presented by Cigdem Ipek from Turkcell Platinum management.

The Tornado team consisting of Mahmut, Can ve Cem Özgener ile Ethem Çolak became the second by catching a 128,5 kg bluefin tuna. The team was delivered a 4000 TL cash award by the organizer and The Mazmoz Reel Award by Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Gunlu.

The Marine team catching a 116,2 kg bluefin tuna has been placed third in the general category. The team of Suatcan Tokgöz and Fikret Mesut Kocabıyık was delivered their 2500 TL cash award and The Mazmoz Rod Award. All finalists granted a 50% discount in annual dock space rentals.

Hardly found the scale, lifted by forklift

The Baracuda team of Erkut and Can Soyak, Gokhan Carmikli, Murat Aslan and Burhan Cavusoglu broke the Turkey record by the 295 kilos bluefin tuna, which is the heaviest fish ever caught in a tournament in Turkey.

Weighing the giant fish has been also a struggle, since the tournament scales can measure up to 150 kg’s. The tuna was lifted by a forklift and scaled on a container scale.

The Baracuda team’s award was presented by Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer.  Soyer acknowledged the team breaking the Turkey record in Seferihisar. Tunc Soyer added that Seferihisar’s seas were rich of fish and nature was splendid. “We appreciate to live here” Soyer said.